Aleksandra Lekić Vujisić‘s poem: The Sea Blues

The night is falling over the water,

turning the view into a black curtain

with golden dust.

I am loosing my mind over old reflections

of the moon, dispersing the fears

like the golden rust.

Life is slow here. 

And the air is humid

so tears often go unnoticed,

and the words get lost 

in the waves,

sent from Poseidon in protest.

I slowly die in your arms,

I drink the wild air

like I used to drink wine.

I toss and turn in 

grave of olives,

waving to sun that never shines.

Aleksandra Lekić Vujisić (Podgorica, Montenegro, 1979) is a professor of English language and literature, and an awards winning writer of prose and poetry for children and grownups. Aleksandra writes in her native language and English, and her stories and poetry have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Chinese language. She is a co-author of more than 50 anthologies and an author of poetry book “Bleeding in my letters”.

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