Charbel Nicolas‘s poem: I’ll see you when it’s over

When it ends, I will never “social-distance” my friends ever again

The second I see them, I’m hugging all my homies and enemies

When it ends, I will leave this prison! this asylum! That is my home

I will breathe till my lungs are full of nature’s air and the city’s smoke

When it ends, I’ll never sanitise or wash my hands ever again

I kid. No more stinking my skin in that damn nasty sterile cleanse

When it ends, we’ll celebrate a feast on scale with none in history!

We’ll set ablaze the biggest Burning Man made of blue gloves and face masks

Bring all the drugs, if that’s not your fun, do whatever the hell you want

Prepare yourself for the incoming good times; I’ll see you when it starts

Charbel Nicolas is a Canadian writer currently studying for his Bachelor’s degree of Arts in English Literature. Between his studies and his day job, He also performs stand-up comedy around his province. 

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