Asare Senorita‘s poem: Earth

There’s stale air everywhere

Because of air pollution

The water bodies are all changing colour

And not good for consumption

And all these due to human activities

Trees are being cut everyday

Without the intention of replacing them

Everywhere you look, there’s filth

Here and there all around you

There are volcanic eruptions occurring

In mountainous areas

Drivers causing deaths every now

And then

Because of their absent mindedness

And recklessness

All around the world people are

Being killed for rituals and the others

People are being slaughtered like

Goats for Christmas and others

Being buried alive like they would

Dead people

Human beings are being sold as though

They were goods for consumption

There are no longer natural leaves,

Crops and vegetables

All are being sprayed and

Are full of fertilisers

Forcing them to be ripe immaturely

These in turn are causing

Rapid illness and diseases

People are creating weapons and

Atomic bombs to kill their fellow men

Man now walks not freely but in fear

In fear of what his fellow man

Might do to him on seeing him

The world is full of racism

Some people are regarded inferior

And less important than the rest and hence,

Some people are being treated unfairly

When shall all these end?

When shall the earth be peaceful

And beautiful to live in?

Asare isa teenager and in high school. She loves writing and reading. She lives with her dad in the Eastern Region of Ghana in Akim Oda. 

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