Gemini Lovers‘ collaborative piece: A Hard Life

This is collaboration of what the two writers are seeing in the socio-economic scenario of their our country. Deeply affected by what they see around them, they decided to share their observations with a larger audience others. They have a simple logic for such a collaboration – they love writing and they are both poets and writers.

We are slaves that can only reach rice,
Maybe we are short lived here on earth,
Even though our stomachs are boiling,
We still continue, always beating voluntarily. 

Though time will pass and we all will shake the chin,
Still going on to stretch the bones,
Hoping someday my pockets will be full.

The thorn in the throat may not be a talisman,
I’m ready to have a thick palm,
But may bare face is a though opponent —
Event if the world is on the surface work.

Always remember this is a truth,
Even though many in font of you are barking dogs,
Always make it a habit to be a hermit,
Avoid post counting also,
Instead, the day will come when all of  will worship you.

Reach your dream and get what you want,
Will not give up to those people who are planning to lower you from your position,
And pull them up so the losers can rise,
It’s not that you’re the one who will pull them down, and you’ll make it hard for them.

Gemini Lovers are a writer duo comprising Cristonette Salva Bernaldez and Richard Khient Casimero. Cristonette loves Puto and Barbecue, hails from Florida and loves writing, designing, sleeping and Basketball. Richard loves singing songs, boxing and jogging. He is from Mandalagan Bacolod City. They love collaborating together.

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