Anirban Ghosh and Sharmili Bhowmik‘s essay: Inception – The Art Exhibition

This reportage is about a recent endeavour of Pexel SQ holding on to that vision of the founders. 

Pexel Square is a platform for passionate and enthusiastic artists from India to show and exhibit their Artwork. Our mission is to primarily promote emerging and talented artists, including painters, sculptors and photographers.  

Keeping that vision in mind we had hosted an event, INCEPTION ~ The Art Exhibition, on 16th & 17th April 2022, at Jamini Roy Gallery, ICCR, Kolkata. 

The preparation began, but taking submissions of photographs & painting and then carefully curating and selecting them for the exhibition . Over 300 submissions were received of which only 75 were exhibited, keeping in mind to exhibit the Best of them and giving importance to each and every artwork. 

It was a mixed bag of artists including doctors, data scientists, medical professionals, IT professionals to professors . We also had artworks of professional artists to amateurs. The youngest participant was 11 years old Himika Bajar , who has her name in INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS this year . 

The exhibition was inaugurated by artists Ranadip Mukherjee and Ananda K. Dhar , followed by revealing the brochure of the event . Nilanjan Chowdhury , Pratick Mallick , Tousif Haque , Nirmal Kanti Chakraborty were some of the renowned names whose artworks were shown here .

The exhibition showed selected photography, which were highly appreciated by the guests and visitors . This section included portrait, street, wildlife and festivals photography from all over the country . 

The exhibition featured artists from all over India. 

Youtuber Suman Ruj and Caricaturist Arnab Samaddar were also present in this 2 day event . 

Anirban Ghosh is an Entrepreneur and Social Media Marketing Expert. A photographer, creator, graphic designer, he has a keen interest in motion pictures. His photography has been exhibited in several national and international photography exhibition and he has been awarded Master Photographer award in 2021 by the Photographers of the World.
Sharmili Bhowmik is the co-founder of Pexel Sq. and the Event Company along with Anirban. She is also the owner of Maya The Style Vastra. To seize a new opportunity and create many more she moved back to the city of joy and riding on the spirits of spontaneity she co-founded Pexel Sq.

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