Rudrani Gangopadhyay translation of Agyeya’s verses: Asia Koi Ghar Aapne Dekha Hai – Have You Seen Such A Home – (Hindi to English)

home 1

my home

is a shelter connecting two doors

my home

is between two doors

peek into it any way

and you’ll be looking out of a door

the sights from across will appear

but not my home

home 2

your home

is there

where the roads end

but since i

only want to walk on

then where would this end?

your home…

home 3

the homes of others

open to the inside

toward mysteries

it opens up these mysteries

in the cities

the homes of others are shelters of others

the homes of others

are homes of others

home 4


that we speak of – where are they

the speaking about home

is everyone’s own

no one speaks

about the homes of others

those that are spoken of

are not homes at all

home 5


i do not have one

i want a home

if there is light in the home

i do not worry

the home that is in the light

is what i seek

have you seen such a home?

if you have

then tell me the address

if you have not

then i can

still offer you my sympathy

as humans you and i

can now no longer live in homes

that are not in the light

but we

homeless can still

live in the sympathies

of each other

Rudrani Gangopadhyay is a doctoral candidate at the Program in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University. In her spare time, she translates, writes things that are not her dissertation, co-hosts a podcast on Bollywood, and compulsively gathers pop culture trivia.

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