Sneha Chatterjee‘s pair of poems

I Am A Dot


I am a dot

A dot

A dot

I am here

Then I am not

5 seconds

And a thousand lives

I blink my eyes

It’s gone

All of humanity

Exists for no one

A soul

In a black hole

Ready to implode

But before the night goes

I hear my neighbors

Laugh once more

Look on down from the bridge

See the city flowing by

Tiny specks of dust

Guided by headlights

Only two feet ahead

A carrot hangs from a stick

Stuck in time

As the clock goes tick

The lights go down

The curtain falls

Some smiled

Some frowned

Most failed

To yank the carrot off

Some stayed

Stuck in the box

Up from the bridge

This story is of the one

Who chose to look up

And get burned by the sun

Sneha Chatterjee is a copy writer, who in her own words – sometimes writes copy and sometimes just writes. She is a voracious hobby changer, currently dabbling with paint.

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