Aniket Banerjee‘s poem: Suddenly the evening falls

Suddenly the evening falls, 

Known birds sing unfamiliar songs,

Lots of pictures are on the canvas of memory,

Truthful morning suddenly goes wrong!

Tuberose spreads the smell of ending,

Suddenly time turns sad!

Mourning standing on the fence of respect,

Every time we lose, memories make us glad!

We pretend to be foolish

but know death does not happen twice,

Happiness suddenly turns as a piece of dark,

We all agree to sacrifice!

As a result of losing

unknowingly we celebrate dole-

That we don’t want to get, 

we all have that kind of soul!

Aniket Banerjee is  Commerce Graduate, currently lives in Panagarh, West Bengal. He is working as a theatre artist for 4 and currently focusing on his acting career. He also write poems, stories, scripts etc. to express his thoughts.

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