Nila Vanda Celin‘s poem: Love

This is how the love exists⠀

like a dew which falls on ⠀

a tender leaf, ⠀

enhancing  your beauty⠀

with its lucid dome of heaven, ⠀

that weighs your head down⠀

not from shyness⠀

not from fear⠀

but only with the loss of ‘l’. ⠀

This is how the love exists⠀

like a conch which lies ⠀

hidden in the shore⠀

singing an eternal song⠀

to a forgotten soul⠀

bleeding from its⠀

deep invisible wound. ⠀

The song may sounds raw to you⠀


you synthesise it with the divinity⠀

that pervades even in your foe. ⠀

This is how the love exists⠀

like a small pebble which ⠀

disturbs the calm water⠀

creating ripples⠀

which become⠀

greater and greater ⠀

to its peak⠀

then gradually dissolve⠀

making the water still again⠀

as though nothing happened. ⠀

But, ⠀

the pebble is still there ⠀

unknown to the world⠀

lying hidden and⠀

creating immeasurable spirits ⠀

at many levels. ⠀

Love resides in everyone, ⠀

fresh like a dew, ⠀

young like a song, ⠀

and it is always ⠀

vibrant  inside⠀

though it seems⠀

calm on the surface.

Nila is an Assistant Professor of English Language & Literature lives in God’s Own Country, Kerala. For her, writing is a kind of therapy to heal from tiring life experiences. She has a page on Instagram, @old._letters, where she posts her poems, quotes and other kinds of writing.

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