Prerna Khemani Kabra‘s poem: Be yourself

With pale face and eyes brown,

She wondered why she was feeling down;

What was is that bothered her?

But no answer could heal her wound.


Such a cheerful girl I am, she thought,

Always smiling and spirits so high;

Then what’s pulling me down so low,

What’s that stopping me to fly?


Is it the loneliness that’s not visible?

Is it the friends who are not approachable?

Or the time’s plot so unfeasible?

Might there be nothing so miserable?


But what if she stops being what she is?

Will she be loved the same way?

If she starts telling what she actually feels?

Will she be judged and kept away?


Connecting dots to find the answers

She’d lost herself making others happy;

And now that she wants to be herself, for a while,

She found people’s judgement for her.


‘How can you do this, how can you react that way?

Are you not normal? How can you push us away?

We have unconditional and complete right on you,

How can you live life in your own way?’

She finally found out what was the trouble,

She hated herself for being so humble;

All she wanted was her life and space back,

She wanted to solve the puzzle that’s jumbled.


Years gone in pleasing everyone who came in sight,

More years it took to create a wall;

Deciding anew, of course, didn’t please all,

But she felt a sense of relaxation as it was after all…her call.

Prerna calls herself a poetess who understands the emotions and feelings of people and tries to include them in her poems. She hails from the state of royalty, Rajasthan and is presently working in State Bank of India in India’s Silicon Valley, Namma Bengaluru. Though Poetry with Banking is a strange combination, she keeps participating in Open Mics and Bank Competitions. Penning beautiful thoughts in simple words is her USP which leads people to connect with her. She has her Instagram Page as inspiring_soul_pkk.

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