Alisha Nangia‘s poem: Shut up shop

I remember the time when
 my favourite word
 used to be ‘destiny
 like the backdrop of that song
 that has Saif strumming
dil ko tumse pyaar hua’.

(Don’t you see the irony?)

I do.
 and so
 with a heavy heart,
 (no really, it is quite heavy)
 I have decided to
 shut up shop.

Now, just before another New Year begins,
 like Kathleen Kelly from 
You’ve Got Mail,
 my fingertips hesitate
 before turning over the frayed ivory placard that declares
 in a cursive that doesn’t seem sorry at all. 

(Closing for good?)

Before I leave though,
 there are discounts!
BUY ONE heartache and GET ONE FREE doesn’t excite you, 

 We have-
25% OFF! on Doomed Kisses.

40% OFF! on Better Tomorrows

and oo la la!
 A whooping 
85% OFF on
 This Is When They Notice.

Take what you want.
 (Won’t you?) 

Or not. 

 I must shut up shop
 and drop the charade. 

(For good?) 

 Nobody will miss it.
 (Will they?)

Alisha is a high-school English teacher who believes that she writes because she cannot unthink, unsay or unfeel stuff. 

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