Maitreyee Kulkarni‘s poem: Mirror in my palm

Mirror in my palm

Grains of sand

Slipping through the hand

Tossing and turning

Acids burning

Courtroom churning

Clock ticks on

Tricks go wrong 

A moon-pulled pond

Our gazing drill

Time stood still

Hearts to chill

Doors shut slow

Lights aglow

Mindless flow

The bottles empty

A broken glass

Refuses to pass

Turning steps

Echoed cold

Mind kohled

Clouds and wind

Purple skinned

The dance chagrined

The brain bled red

And guitars broke

All in one stroke 

The Black pond blurred

Skies turn blue

Bidding adieu

Nothing changed

Nothing moved

The paper proved

Dry ink dusted

Refilled and wrote 

The status quote

Maitreyee is a a social worker by training and pursuing a career in psychological counselling. She works with youths of Pune, addressing the mental health issues. She loves cinema, (often writes scripts for shorts), literature and of course psychology. She is the social media coordinator of DoubleSpeak.

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