Meera Usha Krishnan‘s mini album: Sea/See Patterns

Photographer’s Note : These are images from the photographer’s visit to Bhuigaon Beach near Vasai. The vastness of the space took her by surprise and as she kept strolling, the patterns created and the mood set during the sunset evoked a subliminal feeling in her. It is a rare sight to have land with nothing around in a city like Mumbai and even then it was difficult to imagine a space without people. 

Meera is a filmmaker, translator, photographer and educator who works out of anywhere. She is actively involved in engaging with people in film-making, education, translation and other artistic ventures. She has a small production company “Mostly Harmless Productions” where she makes films and runs a translation and subtitling venture “”. Recently, the short documentary film she subtitled “The Elephant Whisperers” was the recipient of the Academy Award under the Best Film category. She loves to click pictures of her daily entourage and cook & feed her loved ones.

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