Kimberly Green‘s poem: Unity and Inclusion

                                            How resisting tyranny, helped make a better world to live in.

When all was thought to be lost

the resistance rose up to fight,

willing to pay the cost.

Saying we were led to the slaughter like lambs was a lie

many resisted and fought back,

sacrificed their lives.

When The Nazi regime tried to kill us all,

we formed vigilante groups and

fought back hard, threw bombs, made them fall.

As they placed us in ghettos and tried to starve us out

treated us like dogs and rats,

nothing to eat but kraut.

Millions of lives murdered with a hand salute

families destroyed and lost

with a kick from Hitler’s big black boots.

Unity-we stood together and fought a good fight –

Inclusion– as we prayed together –

just trying to survive.

Never forget the Holocaust.

Never forget the millions of lives ,

that were forever lost.

And never forget those

who resisted and fought back,

through the black smoke of death and destruction,

they raised their heads and rose.

Kimberly Green lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas and she is a veteran of the USAF with 21 years of service.  A widow of a 23 year army combat veteran who died from service connected injuries,   she has writing since a tender age but it was after the death of her husband that she started to write more on the topics of war, combat, war injuries and the Holocaust and it’s survivors.   She has been published 56 times most of them in a magazine called Veterans Voices but she has started to branch out because she really would like to see her Holocaust poems published.

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