Saikat Baksi‘s trio of poems.

Before the coffee gets cold

Before the coffee gets cold

the book must be read

cover to cover.

Before the coffee gets cold

entire lives must change hands.

Who knows?

When coffee goes bland

and ties tongue,

blinds eyes,

and cools breath?

So, quick!

Before the coffee gets cold.


Words fail.

Silence looms

and speaks volumes.

Voices mingle.

Screams, howls, moans,

curses, hoots, jeers.

Stop! Shut up!

Silence, too noisy you are.

Leave me alone.

Tears come easy these days 

Tears come easy these days

like impish untimely rain.

Actually habits, you know.

Habits are breaking

one by one without noise but with silent groans.

Habit of blaming for bad weather.

Habit of blaming for a punctured tire.

Habit of blaming for waking up late.

Habit of blaming for no reason at all.

And habit of not crying at all.


Tears come easy these these days.

Saikat Baksi is a bestselling author of English Fiction and an art critique as well as artist. He speaks about the curious aspects of art history in his popular podcast, Art beyond canvas. Being an artist himself, he explores the mysterious alleys of the lives of classic and contemporary artists. He enjoys being in the thick of the circle of the emerging artists. He lives in Pune.

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