Sayan Mondal‘s mini album: Close To Our Birds

Photographer’s Note: The photographs in this ‘Close to Our Birds’ series aim to capture the intimate expressions of a variety of birds, reflecting their natural flair and attitude. The lively and boundless spirit of birds always have inspired us either by their eye-catching colour, musical tone, or more often than not by their flamboyant diving styles. The images here aspire to host those varied aspects of bird photography – be it capturing their behaviour from far, or closeup portraits with eyes or beaks, or a brilliant flight and action. The photographer believes that capturing our birds up-close is a pursuit of happiness.

Top Row, Left to Right: Black-Crowned Night-Heron, Great White Pelican in flight, Great White Pelican in water.

Second Row, Left to Right: Hyacinth Macaw, Mallard, Palestine Sunbird Male.

Third Row, Left to Right: Rose-ringed Parakeet, Two Rainbow parakeets and a Purple-Bellied Lory, White Peacock.

Sayan Mondal is a scientist by training, lives in Bangalore and trying to be an entrepreneur to solve problems in healthcare. He loves badminton, photography, open-world computer games and travelling.

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