Guna Moran‘s trio of poems


The abode of
The whale
is underwater

Someone notices or not
Water is their only means of life

When an unknown fear 
singes the heart deeply
tearing through the water
surfacing once suddenly
It disappears into its depths

Staying alive means
Assimilating at a corner of the melee

A miserable fear nibbles

As if 
would get lost 
right at this moment

Become inevitable
To prove the presence


One Image
Two persons
Both the persons appear clearly
So I do not even look
Decks up to make the appearance praiseworthy
Feel good when people say it’s good

At that very moment
The inner person shines up
Feel like shattering the mirror to pieces
It is for this only
That my inner self is exposed

Everyone can be angry at everyone
Everyone cannot be angry with oneself
Everyone can try to dupe everyone
Everyone cannot dupe oneself

The day broke the mirror
The lightened mind was wafting like cotton
Today as I perceive my reflection in water
I get angry with water

Oh! Can’t cover the reflection anywhere
Shook up the water in anger
My image was lost instantly
The wild character started
Hopping up again

A passerby was watching my antics with a smile
I asked him the cause of the smile
He did not say anything
But handed me a slip of paper
I read to understand
My face in the mirror
Yours in mine
Can read the heart
By reading the face

That Gaze

The nature got impregnated
As the Sun looked with that gaze

The shy earth turned full of life

The same gaze
Was bestowed as a gift
Adam and Eve
By the Sun

They too
Retained the gift
For their descendants

It is also the trigger
of the union
Between you and me

But the gaze is
quite dangerous
It makes home
for many
breaks home

Guna Moran is an internationally acclaimed Assamese poet and book reviewer. His poems are published in 200 hundred international magazines,journals,webzines,blogs, newspapers, anthologies .Some of them are Indian Literature, Indian Poetry Review, Indian Review, Indian Periodical , Muse India, Outlook, International Writer’s Journal, International Times Magazine, AZAHAR Revista Poetica , The Poet Magazine, The Global Youth Review ,Whatcom Watch Newspaper , Spillword, Merak Magazine, Quidditty, Lovina 103 ,Indiana University Press , The California Times Newspaper, Poetry Hall , The Piker Press , Bario Blues Press, North eastern University Journal,The Tiger Moth Magazine , World Contemporary Poets Vol 1 .He has won Creator Of Justice Award 2020 by International Human Right Art Festival and got a chance for reading poetry in Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 ( Digital edition).His poems have already been translated into Croatian, Tagalog ( Philippines) , Burmese, Swahili ( Kenya ) , Indonesian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Macedonian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish, Hindi,Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Urdu, Gujrati, Arabic, Bengali . He has published three poetry books to his credit. The are – When The Tree Weeps, Time Will Write History On You, El Amor – Love On The Rocks ( Jointly ). He is invited to join poetry programme organised by America, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Mumbai, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, West Bangla, Panorama International Literature Festival 2022, VI Open Eurasian Literary Festival Of Festivals ” Lift ” 2022 and many more.

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