Anushka Chakraborty’s poem: I Give The Hourglass An Hourly Turn

Despaired and drifted in time,

I give the hourglass an hourly turn,

And days have passed the ship has drifted,

In the clutches of the waves,

Under the foes of the fates.

At night, under the bludgeoning of fate,

The crew members have dreams, of distant memories flowing away,

And that they are brought back to a better time,

Of a lover’s love, or a passing page,

And alas, once the rising roaring sun rises in,

The dreams of theirs are faded away, like the disappearing horizons.

They then cry, then they whine,

But there I stand, all in your memory of pain and happiness,

All in a gather,

And I dream of all the dreams I failed to fulfil,

And yet I never forget to give the hourglass an hourly turn.

And so I cling to the day we met,

For it marks the turns of my life to love,

And so were you, a boon to me,

Which I failed to know,

And which I regret all till today.

In the world’s great golden book,As I turn the page,

With the friends and foes of mine,

In the ship’s togetherness,

We all together rise above the world,

To the eternity,

And I thank the Lord,

To have you,

And you,

Till I lived,

Till I die,

And till after death.

Anushka Chakraborty is a 14 year old budding poet, who loves creative writing, painting, photography and exploring new places.

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