Zoran Hercigonja‘s two songs

Excess of Reality


Silence means protest or consent, and most of all #fear.

I live in a recycled state of political pamphlets and

cheap advertisements about a better tomorrow.

#The core of my heart melted right there in the bathtub next to the razor

from which they overflow over the edge

subjective references.

I managed to create a suit of armor

between myself and reality.

#Only woman in this world

its really bleeds and feels.

No one has yet died of unnecessary causes

of leading #surplus reality.

Spring and Autumn

I was born in the spring,

And I constantly give birth to #autumn by itself,

Morning without a future,

A dream without a germ.

Longing is dying somewhere,

And the breath is released

Outside the walls, he skimmed

#Primrose is yellow.

The light of darkness no longer burns,

Passers-by wear a gloomy shadow

in hoods

Cardboard boxes wander aimlessly

parks, streets and squares

before recycling.

Inheritance of #blood, shaped

with benevolence and a smile.

Speak up! finally in my own language,

in words known to me and to you.

I’m wearing old #shoes

because only they know my way.

The earth bristled in

cadastre and land records.

Enough #cannedtears,

retirement of youth, stalking.

Zoran Hercigonja was born on April 13, 1990 in Varaždin (Croatia). He works as a computer science professor. He publishes on portals and magazines. He is the author of several collections of poetry, novellas, novellas and short novels available in the City Library and Reading Room Metel Ožegović Varaždin.

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