Phil Temples’ mini album: Abandoned Industry

Photographer’s Note: Phil took these photographs while trespassing on the property of an abandoned stone cutting company in March, 2005 near Bloomington, Indiana. They were shot using an inexpensive Canon PowerShot G2 camera. He found the whole scene so bizarre and surreal. The company had abandoned an entire facility with expensive equipment and allowed Mother Nature to reclaim the property—both vegetation in the form of weeds and vines, and considerable rust.

Phil Temples has always been attracted to photographing in urban areas.  He’s partial to back alleys, fire escapes, graffiti-strewn walls or store fronts. He doesn’t find nature shots of majestic sunsets or mountain ranges very satisfying. In addition to photography, Phil has had five mystery-thriller novels, a novella, and two short story anthologies published in addition to over 180 short stories online.  Phil Temples is a member of New England Science Fiction Association, the Mystery Writers of America and the Bagel Bards. You can learn more about him at

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