Jibendu Narayan Mazumder‘s poem: For One Last Time

When two hearts beat together for one last time and carry the moment forever.

The living light has faded over the drowsy lake,

Filling the sky with a tinge of brilliant cinnabar;

And for one last time I have come to meet you,

When the world embraces a routine slumber.

 See me till your heart brims with content,

Hold me till the causeway fires up the night sky;

For the profound oneness binding us together,

Will cease forever when the dawn comes by.

 The sun will be up in a splendour to behold,

And the spring back with its vigorous bloom;

But, that was unspoken will linger within,

The sentient tenderness buried till doom.

 Feel me when the waves wash the lighthouse,

Hear me in the scarlet tanager’s chime;

I loved you more than anything else,

I pronounce to you for one last time.

 Jibendu Narayan Mazumder is an award-winning author and technology evangelist. Jibendu graduated with an MBA degree from Boston University, USA. He has extensive experience of working with top MNCs across the globe.

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