Chidiebere Enyia‘s short story: Slay Queen

It is a cool Monday morning in Owerri, Imo-State. Stephnora sits on a soft settee, cross-legged, in a tight air conditioned hotel situated in the State capital. She has been invited by Chief Omego to collect the sum of one hundred and fifty-thousand Naira for winning the beauty-queen pageantry, organised by Chief Omego’s foundation in the Campus. Stephnora is a pretty dark girl. Her impeccable smile is infectious. Her black hair was swept back in a neatly plaited ponytail style. Her small dark eyes were decorated with fine eye lashes. When she laughs, her charming magic lyre reveals her fine set of white teeth. Stephnora’s skin glows flawlessly like the radiant sun. Stephnora’s back view was as satisfying as her front pairs. When Chief appeared with his fine white kaftan, his heart somersaulted. He screamed “you are such an enchanted creature. A damsel of impeccable beauty, how graceful is your gaiety.” He opened his arms for a warm hug from Stephnora. She stood up, adjusted his flowering yellow gown, majestically walked into the waiting arms of Chief. Chief Omego held her warmly, plastered a kiss on her cheeks and whispered to her ears. “Can we have a nice time now. I want to taste your succulent red lips and nipples.” Stephnora smiled and said to the Chief, “my price is as costly as gold” she adjusted her cloth exposing a bouncing breast. Chief’s eyes popped up. His body system was electrified. “Baby girl named your prize and I chief Omego, the Omelora 1 of Idu Kingdom will do it.” Chief said. “Okay Chief, I will be your girl, if you buy me a car and sponsor my trip to France for miss world beauty pageantry.

“Okay my darling, I will do all that and many more for you. Just let me into your bosom and take me to heaven” Chief said, putting his mouth in between the nipples of Stephnora’s breast. “Chief, you are such a nice man, don’t rush me, Chief, I will give you a spiced sauce that you won’t forget.”

“Your rounded thighs are like jewels, chief compliment. Just then, Chief Omego’s phone rang.

“Hello” Chief said.

“Hello Chief” The Commissioner of Police Mr. Danka replied.

“Please, you should come to the station now; one of your boys was caught with a human part. Please Chief, you need to come now so that we can sought out things.” Chief Omego became perplexed. He is shocked with this news and this may eventually ruin his gubernatorial ambition.


Chidiebere Enyia is an author based in Owerri Imo State. He writes poetry, short story and essays. He is a journalist and an environmental activist. He is the author of Once Upon A Hard Time (novel) and Chants of a Messenger Poet (poetry). He has been published in journals and Anthologist, Magazines and Newspapers. His area of interest is in African literature, Modern European literature and Oral literature. He is a performing poet and Columnist with National Newsbreak.

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