Hale Zare Neirizi‘s quartet of poems


Since the wall of my room

Has struck down Van Gogh’s sunflower

To its chest as if

It stands smoother

The sun from the room’s eyes

Peeps inside

Nailed to the wall

Those who did not reach

Still by the road

Shook their hands

The hit was so intense

That they have been remembered

Cars do not see the dead


Walls can be white or,

Walls can be good or,


I prefer to be a wall with a broken heart

That is arrested


You look at the street behind the prison every day,

Without seeing how pale I am

The eyes of the fish

Have come out of the eye sockets

Fell to the beach

It is so hard for fish Believe the sky In the heart of the sea

Hale Zare Neirizi was born on March 24, 1966, in Iran. She is an official member of the Iranian Poets Association.  She studied photography at Rassam University of Arts in Tehran and passed the specialised course in colour photography at Tehran University of Fine Arts. She has participated in 15 group photo exhibitions and a solo exhibition. She taught at the Young Cinema Association for three years and was a member of the board of trustees of the Shiraz Photographers Guild for one year.  She has four collections of poems in the name: Do you have a relationship with Autumn, Walls are Poets, Shadows of No One (Istanbul Turkish) and My left hand is Younger than Me.
In addition, some of her poems were published in the following books: Free Clauses 1, Free Clauses 2, White Voice, White Headline, Literary Births, 28+ 1, My mother tongue in poetry (World Poetry Anthology; Indonesia), Anthology of Iranian Women (Turkey), and some literary news sites .

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