Babangida B. Shira‘s twin poems: The United State Divides and We Aren’t Ants

The United State Divides
We Aren’t Ants

Listen to the state of century’s unity – disperses,

Listen to the land of religious tolerant – blasphemes,

Listen to the land of cultural values – devalues,                     

Listen to the mother of zillions legacies – defames;

Listen, it is the giant of Africa, whose wound recovered – mess.


A man sees man like an ant!

A woman sees woman like a beast!

An ode of my mother turns dirge!

Amidst of tyrannical storm, rain judge

Amidst, our rooms blaze, our door close: evacuation not!


What kind of Aso Rock? What evils? How should it rectify?

What third class? Which second class? Why always first class?

When shall we own our hands and heads? Why humanity we defy?

 Let wide the broaden theory of practicality. The state needs peace.

Think about that, oh the global roamers.


Be a trailblazing icon in your orbit

Orbit in which good and apt roles play

Play through which huge dudes smile

Smile that inspire many folks to think

Think or thoughts brings country’s development

Run and run beyond our legs

Yell and yawn ahead our mouths

Crack the century’s buildings of pas and pals


Boom up and down of the peace

Smoother the virgin children in

Inhumane and mind-desires


Parachute over the mothers’ juice

Feast in cemeteries of joy and sorrow

Why all these?

 Deceases doze over the eyes patch

Are they not the country inhabitants?

And why humanity vanishes!


Why not even in crematorium?

Oh! Why all these? Spreading like a night- rain

“We need a graveyard to mat ourselves beneath

The sandy sight” oh God, I heard a dead

 Spoke over clouded ears

 We need earth to live the lives

Babangida B. Shira is a Nigerian poet, essayist, literary analyst, teacher, and columnist at International Cultural Forum for Humanity and Creativity, Syria where tons of his poetry and essays are published, a chief moderator and Coordinator at Pen is Mightier. He co-authored books with Ukiyoto Publishing Company, Canada, Poetry City Publishing Service, Nigeria and Notion Press, India ( – some of  the books are: ‘The Art of Philosophy: the selection of Literature and Poetry, The Sweet Sound Poetry, BARD’S DAY KEG, Voice From Africa: African Child etc.

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