Sabiha Afrose‘s poem: The wonderful moment

This is the most wonderful moment,

When you feel so exhausted in life,

You want a break you want the serenity,

From where can get the soothing balm?

Wow! what’s that art?

A mug of tea or coffee is waiting on the table.

With dearest friend — your mind’s choice,

The favourite book — indeed.

You will get the inspiration,

You will make a dive in calmness ocean.

Mind will be gleeful,

When you will see that dreamy pool.

That’s your best friend,

Together ,can make a new lane.

Holding hands of love,

Each word is reflecting mind’s arts.

Take that mug of tea,

That’s your relaxation pill.

Will you ready to cope dear?

Life will see the way of heart.

Nobody can snatch this art,

This is only your’s lively part.

That book and mug of tea,

Always reminisce,  wonderful life’s reel.

Recall and enjoy –

To restore the rhythms.

To find out the core of heart,

Amidst turbulent universe— a soothing star!

What a serene beauty!

Each word is your inexpressible art.

You’re realised at last,

Life — just enjoy wonderful moments, sweetheart!

Sabiha Afrose is from Bangladesh. Educational credentials-B Pharm, M Pharm, Jahangirnagar University. Poetry is her best friend, soothing balm. She tries to spread inspirational words by the magic of ink, for a peaceful earth, to lead a lively life. Her written pieces are published on international magazines and anthologies.

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