Linda M Crate‘s pair of poems

i learned my voice 

they told me

i should care what

people thought,

but i never could;

saw how fickle

and unreliable people

were and i decided

many moons ago i would

never need anyone i couldn’t

rely on—

sometimes it was lonely,

but there’s nothing 

more lonely than being alone

in a crowded room;

and it has happened to me more

times than i would care to admit—

but i learned my voice,

my magic, and my power;

and i will never surrender myself

to anyone ever again in the hopes

of finding love—

because i am enough and i am worthy: 

as i am.

i was something deeper 

you wanted a damsel in distress

whose wings were so broken

she’d never fly again,

but when i proved to be more feral

you left me abandoned in grief;

but lust is not love and i am not sorry

that you’re gone

any longer—

i rediscovered myself and my magic,

and refound my voice;

fell into every hue and vibrance of my muchness

learning every lyric of my heart and soul

and even the mythology of my bones—

i was just a book that was never meant for your consumption,

you didn’t realise i was more than flowers and meadows;

i was something deeper that could drown you.

Linda M. Crate‘s works have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies both online and in print. She is the author of ten published chapbooks, four full-lengths, and three micro-chaps. She has a novella, also, called Mates (Alien Buddha Publishing, March 2022).

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