Sandip De‘s mini-album: A study in desolation

This mini album captures two completely different spaces, one a train station and another an old (almost historical) guest house in Kolkata. The emptiness in the train station during the times of travel restriction and the melancholia of the old pillars and verandas of the guesthouse carry the empty sounds of people who could have been there in some other time. Desolation could be an order of the time, could be consequences of choices and yet could be a storehouse of information. The apparent distortion or depth-of-focus manipulations are conscious efforts from the artists to add to the meaning of the album.

Sandip De is a trained Computational Physicist whose musings with his camera aim to capture the uniqueness of city-life, nature and the interdependence of the two. Currently he is working as a Research Scientist at BASF, Heidelberg. His interests are diverse ranging from macro-photography, to aerial videography. He has won several photography awards and his photographs are published in different journals, National Geographic being one of the eminent ones.

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