Adriana Rocha‘s photostory: Quintet

Note from the editor: The submission of this piece appeared unique in its conception and hence is published in the photostory section. The abstraction of the poem and the images, in an invisible overlap, creates a story that can be read in a layered manner. Therefore the poems and the images are not clubbed together but kept in different blocks.

Met a Poet

He was an erotic poet,

I was a romantic one,

our meeting meant

a total transformation 

of our art.


We were able share our 

feelings at night,

where I could hear

the sound of his voice 

declaiming poems.

We were mountains away,

our native tongues

were different in size and shape,

but we still 

communicated well,

speaking through art, 

a language we both learnt.


I kissed a man


I kissed a man

when I was going to hell,

I said why not,

perhaps down there

I will not have another chance.


Divine realism


Spring has come,

look at the smile of that child,

the beauty of that woman,

the strength of that man,

the wisdom of that old man,

the mystery of that fresh tale,

also perceive the melody you hear,

the air you breathe,

the love you feel,

all of it, is a divine realism.


A flower shaped bullet


What is this zone?

Is hope gone?

What is happening?

Are they playing?

Asked that child.


I tried to describe

What was the vibe,

Then, with his innocent smile,

He changed the whole vile.


It became a no war zone,

As a response,

A soldier dropped his gun,

the piece time had begun.

Adriana Rocha was born in Bolivia. She is a psychologist. Poetry, photography and educational psychology are her passions. Her journey into the world of words has started in 2019. She has been participating in different literary events in Latin America, Spain, India, Canada and the United States of America.

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