Zornitsa Ge’s Haibun: Dandelion

I stumble across a flower. It is a dandelion. More of a weed, than a flower I would say, but you and I disagree on that one. You believe that it is a flower, a beautiful yellow flower, yellow like the sun.


There are millions of solar systems 

Right in our backyard

 And you pick the most 

Radiant one to gift to me. 


I bring it inside even though I have seasonal allergies and it brightens up our kitchen table. It smells like my childhood and for a moment I am taken back to a different time in a different country where I used to pick wildflowers and put them in a vase in my bedroom, ignoring the sneezing and pretending that I am a grown-up with my very own vase of flowers in my very own kitchen doing grown-up things. How ironic now to be the grown-up pretending to be a child again. My daughter thinks my eyes are watery because her flower made me sad. I tell her all about seasonal allergies. She is not convinced. She may not be able to tell a flower from a weed, but she knows when mom is crying.

Zornitsa Ge was born in Bulgaria and moved to Canada to study Psychology in Carleton University, Canada. During her time at university, she had some poems published in Tabula Rasa and Ostrananie by In/words magazine & press. Her latest work is influenced by motherhood, the pandemic, family ties, love, loss, and friendship. You can find her on instagram @zornitsa_ge.poetry

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