Svetlin Trendafilov‘s pair of poems


Heartache blast

For you it’s just a game,

bit I warn you – I am weak!

Don’t burn me with your flame, 

you devil woman – freak!


Keep distance, keep me calm,

don’t touch my leather belt!

I’m a ticking bomb,

and we both are gonna melt!


You wanna show me a secret trick,

but I don’t play with fire –

I don’t want to burn the wick

and to cut the wrong blue wire…


You are burning TNT

almost stopping my heartbeat,

but don’t you mess with me,

‘cause you wouldn’t take the heat!!!

While watching up the stage,

I was holding tight your arm. 

You never seem to age

like a song of an old-school band.


That memorable night

we were counting fireflies.

At the corners of my mind,

you are the morning prize.


While waiting for the sunrise,

time goes by so fast.

The thought of your brown eyes

gives me a heartache blast!


I’ll fly away like a swallow,

watching you above.

I’ll be waiting in the shadows –

in the shadows 



Svetlin Trendafilov is a 29-year-old artist, poet, writer, musician and photographer from the town of Kavarna, Bulgaria. Self-taught author. Works at the techniques of oils and watercolour painting, so as cartoon drawing. Author of 6 solo fine art exhibitions (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018) and participant in both collective national and international exhibitions in Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Pakistan, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Indonesia, USA, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Nepal.


  1. You expressed your true feelings and thoughts of those moments so creatively. I remembered some of my duo performances with some tenors and baritones.

    You are a genuine poet!


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