Svetlin Trendafilov‘s essay: On optimism and art

An old saying goes that the optimist invented the plane and the pessimist – the parachute.

There are optimists and pessimists in life. Some people want to fly, while others are afraid of the mere thought of flying. Some are ready to change the world and others feel nervous of the things life offers. In the eyes of the optimist the pessimist looks like a mean coward. In the eyes of the pessimist the optimist is an insane adventurer.

But let us imagine for a moment how sad, miserable and boring our life would be if there were not any optimists, who challenge nature, science and imagination by making humanity believe in their ideas. If Christopher Columbus had not believed in his idea and had not been an optimist, then he would have never made his discoveries. Optimists are bearers of a spirit of discovering, boldness, curiosity, creative ambitions, innovation, and all that helps them to change the world for the better. In my opinion, they have a leading part in the progress of the human race.

If man wants something from the bottom of their heart and truly believes in their success, then whole the universe will co- operate with them in reaching their goals and to fulfilling their dreams. We all can challenge destiny through our thoughts, so, one should think positively and not to let themselves have a morbid outlook on life. The circle of life is always dragging us into all sorts of circumstances. No matter whether our days are bright or dark, we should make effort to keep the faith in the positive side of life, because all the negative things that bother us will pass some time, sooner or later. Besides, if we focus only on the worries, we wouldn’t be capable of noticing precious things. The rainbow is there, you just need to see it…

Some say that between the pessimist and the optimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut, while the pessimist – the hole. Positive people, as a whole, perceive the world in a different way than the others around them. Being an optimist is not only a way of thinking, but a lifestyle. Everything seems easier and funnier when you are an optimist. Optimistic people have the gift to notice all the tiny details that life contains, which are beautiful, if you can turn your attention on them for a little. And if you can, then you are an aesthetic personality, who can see a beauty in every little thing. These type of people tend to love art, because they probe deeply into it, catching every detail. Others, at the same time, may watch a piece of art, without actually seeing it. Because to watch something, and to be able to see it, are two absolutely different things…

There is no doubt about the fact that optimistic artists are distinguishable from the other authors by using brighter tones, which lands some charm to their canvases, making them look much more colorful, positive and magnificent. Take for instance, the pop art of Andrew McAtte, which is motley and bright. Another favourite artist of mine, Will Cotton, represents his positive way of thinking and his love for life by painting female models in the atmosphere of huge clouds of cotton candy. Often, the main colour of his works is pink or milk- blue. Other subject of his unusual art are cream cakes, chocolate bars, candies and sweets. All these temptations can make the audience fall into reverie, relaxation, or even laugh. Some further followers of that idea are the maser of the brush Robert Finale, whose stunning landscapes are unrivalled, the Spanish master of modern art Salvador Dali, with his surrealism, or Miroslav Yotov – “The circus”, whose paintings carries our spirit into another space and time… Optimism can be seen in almost every piece of art though – it just has to be looked with the eyes of the positive attitude.

I am convinced that most people are optimists. My nature is highly optimistic because I myself am a man of art. I am interested in fine arts, dancing, music and I fill with marvellous emotions by performing a beautiful dance or painting a picture. Maybe it is the art itself that inspires confidence and makes people more optimistic. It fills us with energy and gives us strength. Art makes our lives more beautiful and funnier, and it is the thing that removes boredom and monotony. It is the thing that makes me optimistic.

Svetlin Trendafilov is a 29-year-old artist, poet, writer, musician and photographer from the town of Kavarna, Bulgaria. Self-taught author. Works at the techniques of oils and watercolour painting, so as cartoon drawing. Author of 6 solo fine art exhibitions (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018) and participant in both collective national and international exhibitions in Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Pakistan, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Indonesia, USA, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Nepal.

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