Sithara Appukuttan‘s poem: Within the Darkness

Beneath the warm wings 

I saw a world 

That never stood still 

All chased 

Behind the magic 

The magic created 

By the colourful 

Talking box and boards

The magic that

Instilled insecurity in us 

The same insecurity 

That compelled me 

To chase it 

Leaving behind the wings 

I ran without a halt

And clueless 

Where I was heading to 

Fell into a pit of darkness

Desperate for a light 

To lead me on 

But neither light 

Nor magic were to be found 

I embraced the darkness 

And learnt how to walk in it

Thus found my wings again

That glowed in the dark …

Sithara Appukuttan is a full time doctor and a part time scribbler. Dogs are her favourite people. Believes that self love starts with acceptance. Wants to empower people and bring a small change into this world .

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