Hrishikesh Daud‘s mini album: What we lack in adulthood

Photographer’s words: These are the Images from my trip to Kashmir in September 21. Arhaan is the name of the little boy in these images whom I captured playing alongside the small river of Pahalgam. His sister was searching for him and came to take him home. In between he kept playing on the tree and found a red dupatta to play with. He was playing so innocently even when his sister was holding the stick of a probable reprimand. This fearless attention and curiosity caught my attention, I think. This is what we lack in adulthood.

Hrishikesh is a filmmaking student at FTII Pune, pursuing the cinematography course. He likes to wait for the stories to unfold on its own and tries to convey that nascent story through his perspective via his camera’s exposure.


  1. This images reminds my those days, years which I spent in my childhood, in small village where the natives mainly doing farming, connected with nature. Lack of money and some facilities but too much enjoyment, too many friends playing on Meadows, on trees , water, Riverside. Now I recall that precision moments, that never ever comes again. If God returns some days I will definitely ask for those one.


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