Triyama‘s two poems


“Am I the only one who is holding on to this relationship?”

She asked herself one more time.

Her mind said yes

but her heart was not ready to let him go

Yah, she felt very safe and secure in his arms…

And his voice was best remedy for her heart…

“Isn’t that true love?”

Her friend asked her over a call.

His existence was best cure for her vulnerable soul.

That’s the truth she cherished for long.

Yet she decided to let him go.

For his freedom and her true love!


You broke our paradise…

You told me that,

You will hold me tight!

Until the end of

our paradise…

But you let go my hand

And our dreams


you broke our paradise…The home we dreamt of

The rooms we coloured

The kisses we shared…


You broke our sweet dreams…

The kids we gave names,

The canvas we painted,

The journey we began…


You broke our paradise…

Now everything is Shaken,

& Past seems bitter…


stole me from me…


You broke our paradise…

Triyama is a MA final year Mass communication student. She is doing theatre since last 5 years, loves reading and has been expressing herself through creative writing. She writes in 3 languages which are Marathi, Hindi and English. 

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