Twisha Oberoi‘s poem: Lantern Glimmers

It is night time

The moon is nowhere in sight

Suddenly, at a distance,

I see some light


The light moves nearer

I recognise the shape

The lantern glimmers slowly

I stare at it, mouth agape


Behind it, I see a figure

It is totally black

It is holding something else too

That looks like a giant sack


The thing moves towards me

I am frozen in place 

My heart is beating so fast

As if I just ran a race


My legs turn to jelly

I want to run away

The figure reaches forward

I have nothing to say


With a sudden rush of adrenaline

I gather the energy to run

Hoping I escape this night

And manage to see the sun


I run until I can’t run anymore

And escape the nightmare

I still can’t help but picture

The black thing’s stare

Twisha Oberoi is a 14 year old poet and writer. She is a bibliophile, her favorites include the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. She started writing poetry when she was 10. Author of ‘The Black Door’ and co-author of 15+ anthologies, she is very passionate about writing. Her other hobbies include painting and sketching. She aspires to become a famous author someday.

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