Seema Prusty‘s poem: A respite to hair

Cascade of waves, Sun-kissed,

Ruffling with the wind in swirls,

Dancing on my face,

Tickling merrily with its silent whispers,

Swelling in happiness to its fullest,

Swaying in obedience to the rhythm of my elbows

Moving to and from at relaxed straight angles,

Marching happily as my legs stretch to bring back

The full veins of my youth,

Not minding to go with the wind or against it,

Or facing Sun or opposite to it,

Merrily following my foot going pit-a-pat with such obeisance,

As I walk with all my fortitude

To seek respite from the bustling office

And calm my anxious nerves

Thereby freeing my tangled hair.

My dark unkempt hair gets it glitter

As I enjoy the walk from Office to Home.

Seema did her graduation in Civil Engineering in India, currently married and settled in Kaust, Saudi Arabia where her husband is working as a Research Scientist. She too is am working in the same university. She has a 4.5 year old son. 

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