Wrikveda Ganguly’s poem: Panick attacks are getting more frequent these days

Panic attacks are getting more frequent these days. 

I keep waiting to live one day,  but 

To survive today is an anxiety by itself. 

A long lost football,  the smell of grass,  a few casual laughs

Echo somewhere still;

A haunting memory of days gone by. 

Windows are still there all around me,  

Error messages way too brightly lit. 

A pluviophile sits patiently

In an air conditioned tomb. 

How was the day today?  Did the sun set? 

Was it cloudy?  Did it rain a lot in the end? 

Perhaps its night now,  the shadows have grown taller. 

Perhaps its time to give it a rest. 

Goodnight,  my lost petrichor.

Wrikveda is a software professional by occupation, and an avid reader. He has travelled extensively in his career,  but known to spend most of his time in front of a computer screen or a book.


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