Jack C. Buck‘s poem: in reply while stuck in business traffic


today seems like it’s going by very slowly

just ready to be home with you is all


small life big life a life our life my life


you’re easy to write poems about


close proximity/

driving around town

(not that house

nor that house)

choosing a smaller house

to be closer


people in your life

living in this world at the same time

together in a beautiful place

sharing a late afternoon to evening

knowing/not knowing if or when

if ever will not happen again


the west is obsessed with living forever


okay that’s enough poems in the park for one day

time to go get drunk and turn up the music

put on the good stuff

let’s dance


I did not remember this

until I wrote these lines

Jack C. Buck lives in Boise, Idaho. He is the author of the collections Deer Michigan and Gathering View, along with the chapbook will you let it send you out.

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