Abhishek Soman‘s poem: Do Gods exist?


Do they exist?

Do they have ego?

Does God have the concept of identifying self?

How many Gods are there? One? A billion of them?

Do they own the people who believe in them?

Do they get angry if someone

doesn’t believe in their existence?

Do they have emotions like us?

Are Gods greedy? For flowers, food or money?

Do Gods even need any of these?

Is God symbolic or materialistic?

How often do you talk to god?

Do you get reasonable answers after

talking, debating, arguing or fighting with them?

Do you try to justify yourself when

the answers don’t align with your reality?

Or pretend to be God while our subconscious tells us stories?

Are Gods extinct human from the time of dinosaurs?

Perhaps the survivors and thus transformed

millions of years later into contemporary Gods?

When did forms of God get humanised?

Are they humans with extraordinarily categorical powers

That make them superior?

Who is your God?

Because God’s do exist.

If they don’t, we invent them,

try to find them in stories

or sometimes become one – ourselves.

Questions will keep branching out

as long as the hunger of our curious brains

isn’t satisfied.

Which never does or ever will.

Answers will keep evolving,

not necessarily exploring the directions

we thought of.

When we become ancestors

Billions of souls cramped in one word

Some of us might become gods.

Probably even before human species transcends

to other planetary systems.

Since Homo Sapiens have claimed the throne

of the almighty species,

only a few can foresee and share the calendar

of the dystopian – micro and macro – scenarios.

But Sapiens also have the habit of not listening

Separation of hearing to listening

is only seen while in action – to do or not to do?

Is God watching these actions?

Or is he busy watching others?

Does he watch over everyone?

Or neither care nor bother?

Is God real?

Or is it None of the above?

I hope God answers these questions.

If not who will?

An Architect by Education, with Masters in Advanced Architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Barcelona, Abhishek is an ex-dancer, writer and an aspiring filmmaker. Poetry has been a way for him to express observed and experienced emotions.  As a queer individual putting his intimate voice out there via written words and getting a warm acceptance for the same has been cathartic for years. He loves to connect with different minds that bring forth their personality with collaborative conversations.

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